Creating Custom Apparel

T-Shirts are a big business. Originally (according to some sources) a sleeveless cotton singlet was worn by dock workers who unloaded crates of Tea and hence the name “Tea shirt” was to be shortened to t-shirt. Another source, which is more modern claims that the name came from its shape. Either way t-shirts are a fixture on the fashion scene and there and an infinite variety of Custom T-Shirts display all sorts of logos.

As an item of clothing they apparently came from the navy where the royal navy issued white cotton shirts as undergarments to their sailors. During world war I the US navy also adopted this practice and these were immensely popular as the serge or shoddy that the uniforms were made of was fairly rough causing scratching and itching.

Anyway the US army saw and adopted the T-shirt and started issuing it and from then on it is an item issued in the uniform code of all US Service personnel. It is usually made of 100% cotton and is thus absorbent and cooling. Although meant as an undergarment is hot climates it was soon worn as the only garment on the top of the body.

And so the popularity of this essentially simple garment grew and grew. Normally round necked and short sleeved the basic t-shirt is still sold as an undergarment but now, since the advent of shirt printing t-shirts with a variety of designs and logos are sold in all clothing and sports stores. Designed names produced slim line t-shirts. T-shirts particularly for ladies are part of high fashion.

There is a huge demand for custom printed t-shirts for any number of reasons, and they need not be expensive. Having one’s own custom t-shirts printed is not new but the cost can come way down if you design your own imprint online.

From the design that you can create a silk screen will be made, with a separate screen for each color. Silk screening is a process of picking out the various part of the design on a silken fabric the rest being made impervious. The printing ink can thus penetrate only where it is picked out and then the garment rotates to the next screen where the ink of the second color is pressed through. In this manners quite a few colors can be imprinted but one should note that each color requites a separate screen and thus the cost will increase.

But whether you want custom printed t-shirts for a sports team or a single event all things are possible. People design and have t-shirts printed for all sorts of reasons, Church groups, a bachelorette party, a particular event, to commemorate some achievement or just to show group solidarity.

Shirt printing is not restricted to t-shirts but is of course popular on Polo shirts, on Hoodies, on sports apparel as well. How best to show off the fact that a whole bunch of folk are members of a particular party than by having every one wear the same design. Of course this also applies to businesses providing their staff with a form of corporate identity.

Business Card Marketing Ideas For Realtors – Business Cards on Steroids

Unless your real estate brokerage mandates that you have a certain business card template, you need to start mixing things up and get crazy with your business card marketing. Your card needs to look different from every other Realtor’s and agent’s business card out there.

When prospects see the inside of a house after you’ve shown it, their eyes need to go straight to yours out of all the business cards sitting on the table.

When you hand someone a business card in the grocery store, it needs to make them want to frame it and hang it above their bed (ok, over exaggeration but you get the point).

There’s really only so much you can think of when it comes to business card marketing ideas. It’s hard to look different sometimes but there are enough options to make it work.

Let me show you…

Let’s start with the color. Most Realtors and agents use a white background for their card, right? One option is to just switch up the color. Go orange or yellow, or purple, or neon green. Make it standout. Don’t mix those all together and look like the “hippie agent” though (unless that’s your brand), but put some color into it. Don’t be afraid to be different. Just make sure it lines up with your brand that you’re trying to convey to prospects.

Another simple business card marketing idea is that the font style can be changed too. Make sure the font color goes with your card background but play with the style. has some great, free ideas of all kinds of font styles. Play with some of those and see what looks best for you and your brand.

Your profile picture could use a face lift too. No, I’m not saying you’re ugly. You’re beautiful just the way you are. What I mean is you should try taking a different picture of yourself.

How about a picture of you with a client? You with your dog? You sitting on top of a roof? You leaning on a giant key that’s the size of “Andre the Giant”? Get creative and think outside the box. Put a picture on there that prospects are going to remember!

What do you have on the backside of your card right now? Is it blank? Do you have some tacky phrase about “the best compliment I can receive is a referral from a friend….”? I actually hate seeing that one. That’s NOT business card marketing in a unique way; that’s just silly.

When I’m showing a house, I always look at the backside of the agent’s cards that have shown the house before me. I see that phrase on there all the time. It’s almost worse than leaving it blank. Who’s going to refer someone to you just because you say you’d appreciate it? Unless you’ve built a relationship with that prospect, it’s meaningless. If this is you I’m talking about, I’m sorry. But please consider changing that up.

OK, enough ranting. Back to this business card marketing lesson…

Instead of a tacky phrase or a blank backside, how about offering a “FREE Report” about something if they go to your site and fill out their name and email in your opt-in box?

You could offer…

  • “FREE 7-Day e-Course on How to Sell Your Home in 21 Days or Less”
  • “FREE 10-Minute Interview with Your Town’s Funniest Realtor”
  • “9 Ways to Avoid Selling Below Your Listing Price”
  • “3 Tips on How to Sell Your Home for $30,000 More”

Give prospects a reason to go further with your business card. That’s the whole point of this business card marketing technique. Make them want to know more about you. Don’t let them think you’re the same as the other 2 million agents out there.

Now for my favorite way to enhance your business card marketing. This is awesome and I barely see any Realtors or agents doing this. It’ll make you look like Donald Trump… plastic and metal! Let me explain more…

What is your card printed on right now? Some kind of paper, I know, but what kind? Does it feel like you took some copy paper as thin as single-ply toilet paper and slapped your name and phone number on it? Or does it feel like the typical semi-durable card stock that we always see?

Do you think your card would stand out more if it was made out of a thin sheet of metal? Or plastic? No, I’m not kidding.

What if the card had your logo on it only it was cut into the business card instead of printed on it? You can actually do this stuff with business cards now.

Yes, it’s a bit more expensive but it’s a marketing piece. It says something about your brand and image. Don’t spend $5 per card but feel free to splurge a little more than the home-made Staples business card kit you bought Thursday morning.

While this business card topic is a common one, you can see there are all kinds of variations you can implement to stand out from the crowd. And when you literally have a million other agents out there to compete with, you need to stand out!

Follow the guidelines and ideas and I gave you and put your own twist on it. Take some time to think and come up with something unique and creative. Think about all the prospects that receive and see your card. Don’t you want to maximize those marketing pieces to their fullest potential? With these ideas, you’ll be on your way.

Marketing Your Business Using Promotional Apparel

Among the number of available promotional commodities in the market, nothing comes close to being as potent and as useful as promotional apparel. An article that never runs out of style of fashion, customized apparel can be capitalized in any event, by any event at any season.

Promotional apparels come in varied materials, colors and sizes to suit any marketing opportunity. It is only a matter of electing the befitting type that will be proper for your theme.

T-Shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops do perfect in school organizations and other functions as a uniform, for fundraisers or to progress an endeavor or cause. With comfort taken into account, these groups of apparel are youth-friendly and would be perfect for any academy’s celebrations and other outdoor activities. Polo and dress shirts on the other hand, do well as uniforms in the office as they comfortably deck up a certain clothing.

If delivered as giveaway in the office or at club, fleece or leather vests and jackets are two hot commodities that can be delivered out at any season. These articles and their generous silk screen areas not only cast out an upscale feel but they can also give comfort and advance your recipients’ morale.

Team gears and long-sleeved shirts probably do well in sporting celebrations because they unify the team and its fans by wearing matching clothing, giving every individual a “sense of belonging” throughout games and rallies while wind breakers, cardigans and scarves make perfect partners during autumn’s crisp morning or chilly winter days.

For any occasion or game, customized apparels are great revealing mediums. Not only are they one of everyone’s vital needs, promotional apparels also make your market your brand’s “walking billboard”-a feat that’s distressing to surpass by any other marketing materials. Be it shirts, polos, jackets, vests, etc., your logo silk screened on promotional apparel guarantees your brand of visibility that will carry through for years-an investment that’s sure worth keeping in mind.