How to Choose Custom Apparel to Fit Your Group

When it comes to buying apparel for a group of people, knowing who will wear the garment can be the difference between an item being actively worn and being forgotten in a closet. Apparel reflects a persons’ self image, never base a purchase on size alone, one size never fits all.

There is no reason to fall behind what is hot in fashion. The screen printing industry has access to most apparel that is being used for retail stores with brands like Bella, Adidas, Hilfiger and Nike. What is in fashion depends on your demographic. Keep in mind the age, gender, and professional culture. Studying the demographic will increase the chances of the shirt becoming a part of their daily wardrobe. A person confident in what they wear will be more confident in what they do.

A proper fit is the first step to ensuring the person wearing the apparel feels confident. Younger groups will appreciate tapered garments, while older groups tend to lean towards straighter cuts. When picking out sizes keep: cut, size, body type and fabric in mind. The easiest thing to do is observe the group you are buying for. Is the majority of group slim or portly? A looser cut makes full-figured employees more comfortable and confident. Do not assume that both genders will be happy in a unisex shirt. The style and drape of garments are both important to woman, not so much for men.

Color is the final factor for finding the right fit. Colors create a brand image and a sense of community. When purchasing for a business choosing the color of the brand is the obvious choice but when color doesn’t have to match a logo or corporate image, consider the demographics of the people you are purchasing for. Mature markets prefer rich colors like amethyst purple, ruby red and sapphire blue. They go well navy, black and brown, the traditional colors suggested for executives. Youth markets enjoy trendier, brighter colors.

Taking time to learn the demographic before trying to out fit an audience will increase the value of the purchase. It is impossible to please everyone but if you follow the guidelines listed above your next custom apparel order will be a success and not another bottom of the dresser promotion.

Five Reasons to Get Custom Apparel for Your Business

Often people speak of wearing your heart on your sleeve when you have a passion for something or someone. When it comes to business, however, it helps to wear your corporate logo there, or on your chest or across your back. In marketing, the word of mouth tactic remains a powerful and effective method for advertising products and services, and wearing a t-shirt or Polo can help increase awareness.

No matter your business – whether you operate a retail store or provide home improvement services – custom corporate apparel can boost recognizance of your brand and in turn increase your customer base. If you wonder how printing shirts and jackets with your logo works to promote your company, consider the primary benefits:

1) Customized apparel is more affordable than you think. When you buy shirt or windbreakers in bulk for your employees, you’ll find the cost to have printing done won’t set your marketing budget back very far. Some t-shirts on the lower end the price scale could cost as little as five dollars each.

2) Logoed clothing acts as a moving “billboard” for your business. When people see a brand or image enough it remains in memory. The same goes with website URLs – you can design a shirt with your company’s website address and double your marketing power every time somebody wears your t-shirt in public.

3) Find a quality promotional service for your custom apparel, and you present a professional image at trade shows, conventions, and chamber of commerce events. You also offer a face to accompany your business image that potential customers and clients will remember.

4) Logoed apparel is great not only for your employees, but those who patronize your business. Give away t-shirts, tote bags, and hats as gifts and you’ll be amazed by how often the garments are worn. You have also created a free advertising opportunity for your company.

5) You can’t afford not to have your company’s crest, URL, or image on something to wear. Even a simple t-shirt presents itself as a conversation piece that gets people talking about your company, products and services.

Consider investing in custom corporate apparel today to keep your employees well-dressed.

Innovations in Summer Camp Custom Apparel

Traditional Camp Wear

We all remember the fun of summer camp. The memories of making new friends to spend the long summer days with. These memories bring back thoughts of summer camp custom apparel. Most camps offered the traditional cotton blend t-shirt, with the camp logo emblazoned across the front. It was a keepsake that would serve as a conversation piece, or advertisement of your summer adventures. As campers, you would pair this with gym shorts for the perfect camper uniform. If you did not go to camp, surely you belonged to some type of youth group or summer sports team. Many of these also promoted the team spirit and unity concept with the traditional summer camp apparel.

New Innovations

Whether for camp, youth groups, ball teams or cheer camps, summer camp custom apparel has changed. There are still some t-shirts that are made of the cotton blends, but the new camp shirt of choice is 100% polyester closed mesh wicking. This shirt wicks the moisture from your body, creating a more comfortable cooler outdoor experience. No more sweat stains dripping down the front and sides of your cotton shirt. The shirts come in a variety of styles. The polo styled shirts offer top stitched set in sleeves and a three button placket. They also offer a team jersey, or game day sports shirt in the same fabulous wicking materials. These shirts come in a variety of attractive colors and are easily screened with the logo of your choice. Pair these with the zip up hoodie sweatshirts and a pair of custom shorts or sweats for those cool summer mornings.

Creative Product Offering

Take the summer camp custom apparel to the next level and offer matching customized headbands, socks or even towels. How about team bags? There are many to choose from. Nothing says team unity more, than your logo emblazoned on their gear. The items are reasonably priced and are easily screened. Just make sure to contact a screen printer who has the ability to and interest in creating unique custom apparel. Only your imagination, will limit the potential that you have, to create that perfect season. Get busy, the season will be here before you know it. You have choices to make and ordering is the easy part.