How to Choose Custom Apparel to Fit Your Group

When it comes to buying apparel for a group of people, knowing who will wear the garment can be the difference between an item being actively worn and being forgotten in a closet. Apparel reflects a persons’ self image, never base a purchase on size alone, one size never fits all.

There is no reason to fall behind what is hot in fashion. The screen printing industry has access to most apparel that is being used for retail stores with brands like Bella, Adidas, Hilfiger and Nike. What is in fashion depends on your demographic. Keep in mind the age, gender, and professional culture. Studying the demographic will increase the chances of the shirt becoming a part of their daily wardrobe. A person confident in what they wear will be more confident in what they do.

A proper fit is the first step to ensuring the person wearing the apparel feels confident. Younger groups will appreciate tapered garments, while older groups tend to lean towards straighter cuts. When picking out sizes keep: cut, size, body type and fabric in mind. The easiest thing to do is observe the group you are buying for. Is the majority of group slim or portly? A looser cut makes full-figured employees more comfortable and confident. Do not assume that both genders will be happy in a unisex shirt. The style and drape of garments are both important to woman, not so much for men.

Color is the final factor for finding the right fit. Colors create a brand image and a sense of community. When purchasing for a business choosing the color of the brand is the obvious choice but when color doesn’t have to match a logo or corporate image, consider the demographics of the people you are purchasing for. Mature markets prefer rich colors like amethyst purple, ruby red and sapphire blue. They go well navy, black and brown, the traditional colors suggested for executives. Youth markets enjoy trendier, brighter colors.

Taking time to learn the demographic before trying to out fit an audience will increase the value of the purchase. It is impossible to please everyone but if you follow the guidelines listed above your next custom apparel order will be a success and not another bottom of the dresser promotion.