Embroidered Custom Apparel Helps School Spirit Shine

One way to instill school pride and enthusiasm in students is to offer clothing with school logos and names imprinted on them. Students like to dress up in their official colors to look stylish and support their school in special events or for everyday wear in class. When schools offer custom screen printed or embroidered apparel, they give students the opportunity to show school spirit in a number of ways.

Wear to Games
When students attend games, it is important for them to wear clothing with the school’s name on it in team colors. Not only does this show their classmates that someone is rooting for them, it also shows opponents that the team and its supporters mean business. Custom hoodies, ball caps and embroidered T-shirts show school spirit and add excitement to the crowd in the stands.

Spirit Day
Spirit day is often celebrated in the fall. It may be tied into homecoming, a big game or alumni day. Pep rallies and inter-class competitions are even more fun when students are decked out in official colors. Schools can encourage students to wear their favorite custom apparel to show their pride.

Fundraising has become an important part of supporting a school’s budget. These events are also used to support a worthy cause in the local community. Candy sales, car washes and raffles are all popular ways to raise money. As representatives of their school, children should wear their T-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts so that donors can see where they are from. Not only does this encourage people to support local schools, it gives the fundraising effort an added boost in making it look official.

When athletes and extracurricular activity groups attend competitions, they should have matching clothing or uniforms that designate who they are and where they’re from. This shows school pride and helps teammates show support for each other on the sidelines or in the stands.

Field Trips
When kids attend field trips, they can wear clothing emblazoned with official colors and logos in custom embroidery. It helps the teachers and chaperones keep track of them in a crowd, and gives brand recognition to the school itself. This is also a good time to take class pictures and group shots to be used later in the yearbook.

Regardless of the occasion, wearing custom embroidered apparel is a positive reinforcement of showing spirit, support and pride for schools. Large orders can be placed so that items can be sold in the local bookstore, on campus or at various events.