Custom Camp Shirts: A Professional Alternative to T-Shirts

Any kind of custom apparel can help give a business exposure for their brand, but while T-shirts and caps are very popular, some people may be looking for something a little bit more professional-looking, but not too fancy. Camp shirts are typically short-sleeved button-down cotton garments with a collar. More formal than a T-shirt, they are equally comfortable. Custom camp shirts with an embroidered logo, are both leisurely and stylish, appropriate for casual work days, a round of golf with a client or even as a uniform shirt for organization members, employees or camp counselors. The company logo is there and visible, but it’s not too big and distracting.

They are often what is referred to as business casual. For example, an outside sales rep selling pool equipment might not wear a suit and tie to meet prospective customers at their homes in the spring or summer. He would wear a camp shirt, however. Custom camp shirts identify him with the pool company, not only to clients but everyone he crosses paths with during the course of the day, from the people waiting in line at the coffee shop to his child’s teacher, and everyone in between. Any one of those people may need his product at some point, and now they know who to go to when the time is right.

In another scenario, an organization may want to make an impact while raising money and awareness for their cause. They plan to attend a convention to gain interest and members. It’s not a jeans-and-T-shirt occasion, and they don’t want their members to get lost in a sea of people who are associated with other organizations and companies. Custom camp shirts come in an array of colors to choose from, look sharp and help members stand out as part of the organization.

When a company has employees who work in the service industry and want a uniform that is customized, stylish and comfortable, camp shirts are an option. They are also comfortable clothing that breathes for those working in a restaurant kitchen or dining room floor, looking as appropriate and stylish as they do in a casual office setting.

While embroidered custom apparel may cost a slightly higher price or more than printing T-shirts, the versatility and quality make the extra expense worthwhile. Embroidered designs on camp shirts are longer lasting and leave a notable impression on customers or visitors.