Article Marketing – Things to Do For Your Business and Things Not to Do

Do not under estimate the power of business article marketing. An article marketing campaign is a must in to-days intensely competitive business arena.

The company that does not have an article marketing strategy, will suffer the consequences of that decision. No matter what size your company is, or whether it be an online or offline business. It will benefit from a well planned and well executed article marketing program.

What makes promoting your business with article marketing so appealing. Well it is that it can reach a huge targeted customer base at very little cost, or in some cases no cost at all, except a little time creating and posting.

Article marketing is search engine friendly, search engines love fresh interesting content, and this is what they get with a well written article. A well written article can benefit a business enormously, but there are some do`s and don`ts.

Let us take a look at some of the things you should do and some of the things you should not do when promoting your business using articles.

First the dos:

1. Even before you start constructing an article marketing campaign, make sure there is enough demand for the product or niche that you have chosen.

2. Make sure you are an expert in your field, do some research on your subject. There is plenty of help you can get on the internet to help you with your research.

3. Make your company stand out from other companies online you can do this by constructing a good article.

4. Now the article, keep your article short and to the point, say 400 to 800 words in length.

5. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short interesting and informative.

6. Keep your content on topic, do not let your content stray from your subject as this will confuse your reader.

7. Check your spelling and grammar, this is important. If you do not construct your content properly and there are spelling mistakes all over the place, it will be hard for readers to understand what is on offer.

Bad spelling, bad grammar and bad sentence construction can also give your reader the impression that you do not care about them. It also gives the impression that you are not a trustworthy company to deal with.

When you have finished your article proof read it and then proof read it again.

We have just dealt with some do`s now let us deal with some don`ts.

1. Do not promote your company in the body content leave this for your website to do.

2. Do not create an article that is to long, a long article can lead to reader boredom. If a reader gets bored he or she will leave the page.

3. Bad title, not enough time and thought gone into constructing an eye catching title. Think of a title that will catch the attention of the reader, the reason for this, is the title is the first thing that the reader will see.

4. Bad summary, a bad summary is one of the main reasons why readers desert an article. Find a reason to get your customer to read on.

5. If this applies, do not let your viewer read your article with out offering some tips on your subject. Ask your readers if they have any related problems about your subject, and offer solutions on how to solve them.

6. Do not use technical language in the body of your article, use language that everybody can understand.

7. Do not write an article then leave your resource box out, learn how to construct a good resource box. After all the reason you write your article is to get people to visit your website, by clicking the link in your resource box.

Follow the dos and don’ts above, about article marketing and you will find this will give you a good solid base on how to structure a well written business marketing article. Good luck.